About Kevin Korn and LightShip85.  Brand List includes: Ralph Lauren, RRL, Under Armour, Major League Soccer, Old Salt Island, Ram Trucks, Sperry Topsider, abercrombie kids, Kentaro Group for US Soccer, VH1, Reyn Spooner, MTV, Bonobos, Reyn's, Wedbush Capital Partners, Dentons, Abercrombie & Fitch, Journeys, Adidas Group, The Pearl, Boarding House, Madewell, Holiister Co., Crewcuts, Todd Snyder, JCrew.   

ABOUT: Kevin Korn is a creative director who specializes in photography + brand design. The two overlap in his commercial work which is primarily focused on capturing + showcasing the identities of lifestyle brands and omni-channel companies. His clients have included J.Crew, Sperry Top-Sider, Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, and Bonobos.  Kevin also consults with both Fortune 500 and start-up companies looking to grow + position their brand identity. This work has attracted the attention of a wide variety of clients including restaurants, hotel groups, singers, and architects.

While his design studio, LightShip85, is based on Nantucket Island, client work has Kevin and his team travel both locally + around the globe for photo + brand projects. No matter who the client and what the project objective may be, the goal with all his work is to create an authentic + modern experience that viewers feel apart of.

When not consulting, Kevin photographs landscapes, lifestyle + travel stories, and portraits with a special interest in locations that include a beach, food, and a setting sun (at the same time). A collection of his limited edition gallery prints are exhibited in the AAN Gallery, East End Gallery, LightShip85, and Ralph Lauren on Nantucket as well as in private homes around the country.

Kevin Korn's brand + client list includes the below:


EXTENDED BIO:  Prior to forming LightShip85, his design studio, Kevin worked full-time with Ralph Lauren, J.Crew and A&F brands focused on designing + showcasing their advertised identities as premiere lifestyle brands. His roles as a director, designer, + photographer had him travel the globe and cross-work in multiple channels of brand exposure. His liberal arts degree in Advertising & Photography, design degree in Apparel Design, and years of experience in the industry are his foundation, but Kevin draws most of his inspiration from each subject's / location's authenticity, his grandfather's photography, and his experiences with the talented team members he collaborates with.

THE LOGO:  A horseshoe crab has a understated rugged beauty and an authentic character that symbolizes a coastal lifestyle. It's silhouette reminds Kevin of growing up on the east coast and inspires him on a daily basis to photograph + design creative with a simple sensibility.


ABOUT LIGHTSHIP85:  Based on Nantucket Island since 2009 with global travels for client projects, LightShip85 is the design studio run by Kevin Korn. Focused on designing with an authentic + modern sensibility, the LightShip85 team includes a collaborative group of creatives from the east + west coast who work on each project within the specific needs + budget of each client. Projects include advertising campaign design, brand environment + consumer experience design, brand identity design, brand strategy consulting, and other projects that allow brands to showcase an authentic + modern identity to their consumers across all areas of exposure. 

THE NAME:  "Lightship #85" is the name of a wooden light-vessel (aka. a floating-lighthouse) that was built in NJ in 1910, then stationed along the Nantucket Shoals where its purpose was to warn Europe-bound ships navigating past the shallow waters surrounding the island. Like the light-vessel, Kevin was born in NJ and now calls Nantucket his home.